Friday, June 10, 2011

Flashback Friday

Ben was feeding our dog Rocko the other night. Noah immediately went to the bin and started eating dog food. David and I laughed that the kid won't eat a piece of corn, but he loves dog food. We told Ben that he used to do the same thing. We stopped him the first few times and then we just let it go. A few pieces of dog food never hurt anybody.

One of my biggest regrets is that I didn't start blogging until Ben was 2 and Emily was almost 4. I just looked up my first post. It was June 5, 2008. I just passed my 3 year anniversary. I didn't know what shape my blog would take or if anybody would read it besides my mother in law. 687 posts later, I think I found my groove. My blog took the shape of my family. I don't scrapbook and I stopped printing pictures for photo albums about 4 years ago. I blog. This is how I record all of our memories. This is my journal. My love letter to my children.

But my love letter starts 4 years into our love story. So, I decided on Friday's I will post a picture about something that happened before I began blogging. If I remember a story to go with it, I'll tell that too. As I get older, I'll forget things like Ben and Noah eating dog food. I let Emily pick out today's pictures and she wanted some Halloween ones.

Here's my girl with her Daddy. She was about 2 months old. I think she makes the cutest little pumpkin ever.

The next year, she was a duck. I think she makes the cutest little duck ever.

Oh wait, he's a pretty cute duck too. Ben wore her costume for his first Halloween in 2006.

And Emily went as a cheerleader. I think I may have had something to do with that.

We moved to Prescott Valley, so Halloween meant costumes needed to involve layers of clothing because it's a lot cooler here than Phoenix. We went to a party during the day and trick or treating at night.

Emily was a cheerleader again.

Ben was a football player, complete with maxi pads for shoulder pads.

That night, Emily was a kitty cat and Ben was a cow. I remember he could only say moo and boo, so it was a cow or a ghost. And look at that, Mommy was a before picture for Weight Watchers.

When I was going through those pictures I came across some of our back yard and stopped in shock.

October, 2007

June, 2011

October, 2007

June, 2011

The trees are bigger. The bushes are bushier. There is a soccer ball in the yard. And there is still dog poop in the grass. Some things never change.

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Linda said...

This is great and it's so interesting but I was just thinking of doing similar posts sometime, but mostly of our yard because I already write stories about Sarah back in the day and it's the yard photos that really stopped me in my tracks this week when I was looking through some old photos - how the trees that were little twigs are now big and how much everything looks so different. Things have a way of changing when you're not looking.

Anyway - just taking this minute to check in. Having fun with family here. :)

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.