Thursday, June 9, 2011


Arizona is a wonderful state. When my Aunt was blogging about tornado warning after tornado warning recently in Illinois, I prayed that they would be okay and then I was grateful that I lived somewhere that we never had to worry about a tornado. Same thing when my mother and father in law had a hurricane hit where they live in Orlando a few years ago. And I think about how lucky we are to not have earthquakes when I see what happened in Japan. For the most part, Arizona is immune to the forces of mother nature.

But the forces of man are another matter. Arizona is battling it's 2nd largest fire in our history whose origin is believed to be an unattended campfire.
***all photo credits from The Arizona Republic***
It's burned over 400,000 acres, larger than New York City. The winds aren't helping and smoke can be seen all the way in Iowa about 5 states Northeast of us. Today the fire swept threw the beautiful little town Greer. This has always been one of my favorite spots in the state. I stayed there once and went skiing at the resort a few miles down the road. Greer is all about cabins and streams and bed and breakfasts. It's a perfect getaway and I hope it's beauty is spared.

Right now, firefighters from all over are pulling together to fight this fire which is right now contained at 0%. It's going to be a long battle.

As for us, we are about 2 hours west of this area and are unaffected. Due to the wind blowing the opposite direction, we don't even see the smoke. Well that and the 8,000 foot mountain that blocks our eastern view.

Some prayers are always appreciated for the people who have lost their homes and are being evacuated as we speak. And if you are praying, some rain would be great too.


The Apple Pie Gal said...

It's very heartbreaking. I will certainly send up some prayers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update.
It certainly is a dire situation and it does give much cause for concern in your state.But, we are glad you are doing OK. A lot to pray for tonight. ☼

Linda said...

I wish Arizona could have ALL of our rain - we've had far too much. In fact, so much rain that there are mushrooms growing in the grass in the backyard (always a sign here of too much moisture).

I was glad to read your update as I was thinking of you today. We had another very scary close call. A large rotational wall cloud, filled with dirt (meaning, it was picking up dirt from the fields - not a good sign). The Tornado Sirens once again went off and this time, even Sarah took note and we went running next door to my parents' basement with Winston in tow.

I mentioned to Jim at the end of the last storms how Arizona was sounding really good for a future home, because I can't handle all of these threats of Tornados, but then I saw the news of the wildfires there. I guess every single place has some sort of downfall, and that's why we just have to put our faith in God and hope for the best.

Praying you will all remain safe!
Love, Linda