Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Our Father's Day was pretty low key which is exactly how David likes it.
There was lots of loving on Dad.

And cards and gifts in the morning.

We went to the pool which is exactly what we did last year on Father's Day.

We received a very nice compliment at the pool. Since it is at our clubhouse, we always run into all different types of people. There was a lady there who was complimenting Ben. He's 5 and he went without his floaties for the entire 2 hours that we were at the pool for the first time. She said how great he was swimming. I told her my husband teaches them.

Later, I ran home to put the lasagna in the oven and when I returned to the pool, I saw the same lady in the parking lot. She said what a joy it was to watch our family. That she rarely sees parents playing with their kids anymore. They sit in a chair and have their head down playing on their phone. Sadly, it's true. I see it all the time. At gymnastics last week, a little girl got to the top of the climbing rope and looked down at her Mom for approval and the Mom was next to me missing it all because she was on Facebook. Sad, sad, sad.

My point is that David is a wonderful Dad. He spends time with his kids and let's them know they are more important than anything else. The kids thanked him for being such a great Dad with a doggie pile.

We love you babe.

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Linda said...

This is wonderful :) Glad he had a great day!

We used to play a lot as well, and sometimes as evident in the photos, still do, but you'll see that it's not quite the same once the kids become teenagers. Then they are all about other stuff (yep, including their electronics). ;o)