Monday, June 13, 2011

Faces & Swimming

Noah loves to pose for the camera.

He's a total ham.

He has lots of different looks.

None of which are a smile, unfortunately.

Ben is doing such a great job swimming. He has a swim lesson with David whenever we go to the pool which is just about every night.

David pushes him down to the bottom and he pushes off and springs up. Ben loves this as he feels like Aqua Man. (Ignore the drowning kid in the background, he was weird and not drowning.)

His swimming is coming along nicely.

We'll be packing up the floaties in another few weeks.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Ben! Way to go. By the time Ben returns from Idaho we may suspect he is part fish. He is doing great.
Noah is as always,Noah, a creature unique unto himself. It is great though that he wants to pose as opposed to refusing to be photographed, even though he always shows the serious side of Noah!☼

Linda said...

That's fantastic! Sarah didn't have swim lessons/learn to swim until she was around 2nd/3rd grade. She was one of the older kids in that class, and now she's a fish. Who knew? :)