Thursday, June 2, 2011


My friend Dakri is a scheduler. She plans lots of things for her kids and they are always on the go. I'm a bit more laid back myself. I could spend days at home and I wouldn't care. Although, the kids do go a bit stir crazy and then they start to fight. And then I start to yell. In any case, it's good to have a friend that encourages you to do things. It balances me out.

Yesterday it was the zoo. Our zoo is small and takes about an hour to walk through, but the kids love it. We were waiting for Dakri in the parking lot. The kids are dressed in bathing suits because they also have a little splash area.

Ben is terrified of the peacocks that roam free. He was scared to death when he saw this one sitting on the perch at the entrance. He wanted to wait in the car.

I'm not sure if this peacock was trying to impress the chicken or just show he's bigger and the chicken needs to get away from his food. I'm hoping it's the latter or that would make one funny looking chickcock.

The bear was scratching his back and the kids both thought of Baloo from Jungle Book.

I think the bear is thinking about eating my kids for breakfast.

The kids in front of the coyote cage, which I no longer like since their kind ate my cat.

Noah was a little unsure about the roaming chickens.

We stopped for a snack and to let the kids play at the playground area. Dak and Josh were eating some goldfish and these chickens were aggressive little buggers.

Yes, there are three chickens behind you waiting to pounce on your goldfish.

Then the kids played in the little splash area. It's perfect to cool off after walking around the zoo.

Today, Dakri scheduled the park. There's Ben down there in the grass. He looks like a little speck. He took off running through the field. Ben runs everywhere.
Here are all the kids playing soccer or something. Noah is the little guy in the middle.
Emily was being such a great big sister and watched her brother so I could chat with the other Moms.
Is he getting blond or what?

Tomorrow is the start of the summer moving program. So, we are heading to the movies. Me with three kids. Thank goodness I'm going with Dakri as I can leave my kids in the theatre with her and walk the lobby with Noah. Sounds exciting.


Linda said...

Yes, it's great to have balance. :) Jim is the one who taught me to lighten up and let up on scheduling, though I've always been a homebody.

The Zoo looked like fun and I laughed at the picture of your friends with the chickens posing just over their shoulders. That would freak me out, lol.

The park looks fun too. Simple, fun pleasures of summer. Looks good. :)

Anonymous said...

So nice that you have a personal scheduler in Dakri. Lucky you two met up and have become such good friends, although I am sure there is no shortage of plans for fun ways to spend the day on your part as well.
The kids look happy and are having lots of fun adventures each day. Noah will come out of this summer being 2 years old and having lots of fun and memorable experiences under his belt. Emily and
Ben are just adding a little enrichment to other similar adventures they have already had other years. The amazing thing to me is looking back at Zoo pictures from other years shows how much those little dolls have grown. The animals look the same but the kids are so much bigger.
Summer adventures promise to be lots of fun. ☼