Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Around Our House

Our new after dinner activity is taking the jeep for a drive down the street. Noah loves it.

Oh gosh, no hands...10 more years until she can drive. God help us.

David does these back stretches before he runs and sometimes throughout the day. Noah watches him and usually just climbs on him. But this time, he got in on the action.

He's got great form.

Today, Emily's friend from Kindergarten came up for a visit. They moved to Phoenix a year ago. The girls play so well together and the time went by way too fast.

I'm so glad they are staying friends. They skype and send e-mails (with our help of course). After Ellie left, Emily couldn't stop crying. She said she missed her and wished she didn't live so far away. I felt so bad for my girl.

No pictures of Ben this time. He's still dressing up like superheros and still flying around the house.

On the agenda for tomorrow, the kids first tennis lesson. I'm bringing the camera for that!

1 comment:

Linda said...

These are the best of times! :) Love the photos.

And hey! Jim and I were just commenting that "someone" has a big Birthday this weekend. ;)