Sunday, March 6, 2011

X-Ray Vision

Ben got his glasses today.

He says he sees a lot better in them. Before when I patched his left eye, he couldn't tell how many fingers I was holding up and I was only two feet in front of him. Today with his glasses, I covered his left eye and he could see David holding a Cheeto across the room.

But he's still a little insecure and I know he will be nervous going into preschool tomorrow. I hope everything goes well. It can't be any worse than his mother making him pose for 100 pictures with his new glasses on.

I forgot they are transition lenses, so I thought we'd take photos outside but that didn't work out so great. So, the lenses are transitioning during the photo shoot. He looks so sweet and handsome.


Bz said...

You're absolutely right! He is so gorgeous! and with the spider-man costume... I can just see all the spidey movies! Tell him someone, all the way from Poland says he looks perfect!

Anonymous said...

Hey what a cutie. Even cuter than I imagined he be. So Handsome. Way to go Ben!!!... How about a mother/son picture for good measure. ☼

Linda said...

Soooo cute! I was so used to seeing all of my sisters with glasses from young ages that it just seems right to me. :) He looks great!!

pam said...

Lookin' good, Benjamin!