Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We Are Not Crows

When I woke up yesterday, I decided to not get on the internet. Okay, okay, it was still down. I had no choice. So, I took the kids to the park. We decided to ride our bikes. As the crow flies, the park is about 1/4 mile away. But we are not crows, so we had to go through the neighborhood. It took us 30 minutes to bike about a mile to the park.

The kids had a blast playing.

We had a snack and headed back home before Noah's nap time. Noah was riding in style in the bike trailer.

Ben was constantly lagging behind us. That's why it took 30 minutes to get to the park. He still isn't confident yet on his new bike. The training wheels have one higher than the other on purpose to get him to learn balance, but all it did was freak him out.

Emily was constantly waiting for us.

See that field behind Emily? Our house is right back there. That is the field that the crow could fly to get to the park. And there is a little dirt path that leads to the end of our street through that field. I thought we should be like the birds and cut out the big loop around the neighborhood. Plus, I was tired and ready to be done. We went down the dirt path. Big, big mistake. Huge.

Ben freaked out because his training wheels were jumping too much on the rocks. So, I loaded him up in the bike trailer and put his bike on top.

Then came the hill. I don't remember there being a hill, but there it was. About 10 feet long and as steep as a swing set slide. Normally not a big deal, but on a bike pulling everything but the kitchen sink, a big deal. A very big deal. I started to walk the bike down and realized about 2 feet in that this was a huge mistake. But, I couldn't turn back. Momentum was taking us down the hill. I ended up at the bottom in a tumbleweed. Ben and Noah were having a great time. Ben even said, "Wow, let's do that again." Not in a million years little man.

Now, Emily was freaked out and afraid to walk down the hill. I pulled 100 stickers out of my pants and walked up to get her bike. Then went back up to get her. Just a few hundred feet to the end of our street. We can make it. Nope. Emily's chain came off. I wasn't about to try my hand at being a bike mechanic at that point. She walked her bike down the dirt path.

Finally, the end of our street. Six houses from our home. Emily wants to ride Ben's bike. I switch them out and she starts off on his. It's way too short, but she is managing until she tries to go up the curb. It's different with training wheels and she falls. We finally head up our driveway...walking our bikes.

We are talking about how horrible that path was. And Ben summed it up best with a line from the Grinch, "We did our worst and that's all that matters."

Today we played it safe and went to the the van!


brownymama said...

Haha! Busting a gut over here. I think I've been in that same situation, way too many times! Glad you made it home. Yeah for the van and the library! (:

pam said...

What an adventure! Glad you're having a fun spring break! :)

Anonymous said...

As I was reading , my only thought was like Pam's "What an adventure!". But I give you kudos for even attempting that adventure with your gang of "merry adventurers". It does sound like you guys are having fun but, I'm sure that was not your thought as you stepped through the door on Tuesday. Wednesday sounds like it may have been calmer and before you can blink an eye, the Spring break will be over and sprung, and back to the daily grind of the calmness in your life with only Noah to please at least 3 days a week. ☼
Have a great St Paddy's Day.♣

Linda said...

Wow, I hope when our Spring Break rolls around, it's not as adventurous as yours!! :O ♥

Loved the way you told the story, I could picture it. Glad you're all okay.