Wednesday, March 9, 2011


When Ben isn't being a superhero, he hangs out with his brother during the day. Sometimes they do something simple like color.

Yesterday, they went to explore in the backyard. I walked out a few minutes later to make sure Noah wasn't eating dog poo. Instead, I found him at the top of the swing set with Ben.

Ben said he climbed the ladder. So, I watched and he did it again.

He was rather pleased with himself.
Then, he went down the slide.

I was impressed. Usually it's a process of getting them used to the ladder and teaching them how to go down the slide. He watched Ben and got it. He did it over and over and over. Fantastic.

So today when they went outside, I didn't think much of it. Until I heard Noah screaming a minute later. Ben didn't see what happened, but Noah was at the bottom of the ladder. This is what his face looked like after I cleaned off the sand and blood.

The score is now:
Noah 1
Ladder 1
Here's hoping Noah wins tomorrow.


Linda said...

Awww, glad he's okay :) Your pictures are always so cute.

Anonymous said...

Ok so this was his new adventure for today. I didn't really expect him to do a nose dive on the slide, but it looks like he might have done that. Poor little man. Was he anxious to try again after the bloody face incident?
I see Ben is wearing his glasses, at least sometimes.Haven't seen much of big Sister lately, she must be flying under the radar these days, hoping not to get "grounded."
Hope Noah is ok. ☼

alex said...

so cute baby..

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