Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One Door Closes...

...and another one opens.
Noah has learned to open doors.
I close them. He opens them.

And then he brings me everything from the pantry.
He thinks it's fabulous. I think it's more work for me. But he's cute and proud of his new accomplishment, so I indulge him for the most part.
On the list for this weekend is installing child proof door locks before he starts playing in the toilet for recreation.


Linda said...

Wow, so funny and cute :) Do you know that we never used child-proof locks on anything, lol.

Anonymous said...

Our little man looks so proud of his latest accomplishments. Hooray! Noah. I wonder if he will be a wanderer like his Big Sis. Will he need to be "locked" in his bedroom soon? Or will the crib keep him contained for awhile longer? I suppose he will be full of new accomplishments on a daily basis soon. Cleaning the oven last week, cleaning the pantry this week .. let's see what next week brings.☼