Thursday, March 3, 2011

Leaps And Bounds

When we moved to this house, Emily was 3 and Ben was 18 months. About a year later, we started doing a growth chart in our bathroom on the door frame. I choose the door frame because if we ever move, I can take it with me and replace the frame. At first I was just randomly measuring the kids a few times a year. Then, I decided to start doing it on their birthdays. With Ben in February and Emily and Noah in August, it ensures each kid gets measured twice a year. And it just so happens that it's exactly 6 months apart, so we record the whole and half age for every year.

When Ben turned 5 two weeks ago, Noah got his first measurement at 18 months.

I measured Emily and Ben too. I was surprised that Ben wasn't taller than Emily was at 5. Then in the past 2 weeks, he looked like he suddenly grew. His pants seem too short and I can see his socks. So, I decided to measure him today, just two weeks after his fifth birthday. He is the little black line above "Emily 5".

He grew over an inch in 2 weeks.
And he gained a pound and is at 39 pounds.
He may just break 40 by his sixth birthday!


Linda said...

Love the door frame thing. Jim started doing that with Sarah many years back inside the front closet door. Haven't done it for a little big, but every once in a while he will measure her. She's still a shortie, though we can see eye to eye now. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey that is great. Ben will be a whole lot bigger and different looking when I see him next month.Noah is looking pretty pleased with himself in this picture. I see his marking on the frame but he looks a lot shorter than where his mark is located. Is that cause he's not standing up straight?
Happy measuring.☼