Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Hulk

A few weeks ago, I taped The Incredible Hulk on FX. Did I just write taped? Wow, still stuck in the last century. I meant recorded, TIVO'd, DVR'd. You get the idea. Ben has now added The Hulk to his repertoire of superheros. Lucky for us, The Hulk doesn't really have an outfit. Ben puts on his blue boxer shorts with no shirt and he thinks that is a perfect costume. There's one problem though. He wants to be painted green.

He asked about 20 times yesterday and since we didn't have karate or gymnastics and it was bath night, I figured I would indulge him. We still have leftover face paint from when he was the wicked witch for Halloween.

He was so impressed with how he looked. He tried to look mad for me, but he still just looks cute.

In other news, the school district sent some guys out this morning to clean up the mess. It took 2 guys about an hour and now they still need to do something with it on their side.

I'm glad they took care of it so quickly. Hopefully, they will at least do a monthly check on their vacant land and clean it up from time to time. If not, I'll just unleash The Hulk on them.


Linda said...

You always make me laugh. Ben is adorable as the Hunk and I'm glad they cleaned up the tumbleweeds. I have no idea how to "tape" anything from the t.v. and until just a month ago, we never had DVR. Jim has attempted it a few times but I still normally just watch them when they're on, but when he DVR'd the last two episodes of Sex and the City, my favorite, it was kind of cool to zoom through the commercials.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I am glad they( the workers) magicallY appeared so quickly.Those little "weeds" looked pretty scary to me. I wonder did they leave behind any thorns or other debris? The kids will have to be careful running around out there in their bare feet.
I love Ben's smiling little Hulk face. I guess he must have liked the effect also as he looked very pleased with the overall effect. ♥
Hopefully life will return to normal with the backyard debris gone back to the other side of the wall. ☼

pam said...

Ben is a great Hulk! So happy the school district sent people out to clean up their mess. It only seems right!