Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Holy Eczema!

Noah has always battled eczema. When he was a baby, he would scratch the sides of his face and top of his head until there were open wounds. As he's gotten older, those spots seem to have cleared up and now he is scratching other places, mainly his knee and elbow pits and his back where his diaper is. Actually, we aren't 100% sure that it is entirely eczema and not just a bad habit. Sometimes his skin will look beautiful and he'll still scratch it.

We've gotten pretty good at protecting the sensitive areas. He wears pants all the time, long sleeve shirts and onesies. If he can't get to the areas that bother him, he isn't as likely to scratch them to pieces.

At his doctors appointment two weeks ago, I asked if we should take him to a dermatologist. She said to try using Vaseline on the bothersome spots 6-8 times a day and see how he does. We've been very diligent about doing this. And it doesn't seem to have helped one bit.

When I got him from his nap today he looked like this:

He looks like Geronimo. I thought he bit his lip until I went to clean him up. This was the front of his leg and his hand.

And this is what he did to the back of his leg that caused the blood bath.

I about freaked out. He didn't even scream when he did this to himself. Yet he screamed bloody murder when I tried to put cold water on his leg.

I'm making an appointment tomorrow to get him in with a dermatologist.
We need something stronger than Vaseline.


katie said...

yikes! Poor baby!!

Linda said...

WOW! Sarah's lifelong ezcema, dermatitis and scalp psoriasis has never looked anything like that. In fact, in her case, it never even itches. Instead, it just builds up with thick plaques on the scalp, neck, behind the ears.The ezcema on the front of her neck, everyone always thinks is ringworm, but it's not. It's a circle that has been there since she was 2.
Hope you have good luck at the doctor - we never get to just go directly to the dermatologist. First have to go through the Primary Care doctor and he determines if a recommendation is needed.

Linda said...

Also, I wanted to mention that in Sarah's case, it's all pretty much related to her milk protein & egg allergies. Good luck!

pam said...

Oh my gosh! That's crazy! Hope the doctor can give him something to feel better and not be a crazy scratcher. Poor guy.