Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Emotional Eating

Emily has been asking for more time alone with us. Sure she had us all to herself from birth to 17 months, but after that, she's always had to share us with a younger brother. Lately, she has been coming in our room after we tuck the boys in bed. She spends a few minutes with us watching TV and we rub her head or her back. Then, we tuck her in her bed.

Sometimes, she wants to do her homework alone in the bedroom with just me or David. Last night, she wanted her Dad. They went in the bedroom and worked on her spelling words. Noah did not like being left out. He went in the room and complained. I got him out. He tried to go back in the room again, David got him out. It wouldn't be a big deal if he would be quiet and entertain himself, but quiet is not a word that I would ever use to describe Noah. Remember he's a Leo.

After getting rejected over and over again, Noah had to comfort himself. Crying, he walked to the pantry and grabbed some comfort food...a bag of Lay's Kettle cooked chips.

I guess he takes after me after all.

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Anonymous said...

Ha! too funny. Well we all know he adores Emily, so the fact that she was not returning his affection had to be dealt with. What better way than a bag of chips? Can't wait to see them all. Time will fly by now, I'm sure. ☼
PS BTW on your last post I forgot to identify myself on my comment, but I'm sure you knew from wence it came. ☺