Monday, March 28, 2011

Easy Come, Easy Go

My friend that I carpool with is an accountant. One of her clients just happens to be Emily's first grade teacher. My friend helps at the school a lot and has always brought completed work to Emily's teacher during the school day.

Last week my friend needed to get papers to Emily's teacher, but she couldn't run them into the school. After texting to each other, they decided to put them in Emily's backpack and Emily would give them to her teacher. Actually, her teacher texted something along the lines of "that works for me. BTW, I adore Emily". How sweet is that? Makes me very proud.

While I loaded Emily up in the car, we joked that she is officially a courier. And wouldn't you know it, my friend actually paid her $1 to deliver the papers.

That's Emily's first earned dollar. We don't pay our kids to help out with chores around the house. We expect them to help out without having an incentive other than contributing to our household. So, she was very pleased with herself for making one dollar.

And the very next day, she spent it. They have a spirit cart out at lunch every other week. She bought this bracelet with her hard (or not so hard) earned money.

My girl is quite the entrepreneur. Look for her on The Junior Apprentice this fall on NBC. HA!


Bz said...

congratulations! it's great to start early! watch out world!! :)

Anonymous said...

The smile on her face was worth every bit of that dollar! I do need to get a receipt from her so I can make it a business deduction. Just kidding! :-)


Anonymous said...

I've just spent all day looking at my sweet granddaughter's picture. No not the ones in this blog but I was busy copying all the pictures of her first year and a half of life. I thought I had lost all those pics when my computer fried last year but I discovered I had all the emails saved with the pics attached and so I had a full 8 hours today of copying and pasting on to my external hard drive. Hope I don't lose them again.
My pay for the day should be just about the same as Em's as that was about the same amount of work I actually did today. Thank God for Spring Break.☼ This comment has not very much relevance to your blog. But, I can see she has an entrepreneurial spirit, and that is one of the reasons we are so proud of her. Way to go Emily.♥