Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Easy Cleaning and Easy Money

The kids have a dry erase easel that they love. We've had it for over 5 years and it's held up great. Until Noah recently put his grubby little paws on it. He took a permanent marker to it. I tried all the usual tricks to remove it...crayon cleaner, Mr. Clean magic eraser, nothing worked. This wasn't your basic sharpie. This was dollar store industrial crap magic marker. Nothing was taking it off. Then, I read a blog about using Colgate Whitening Toothpaste to remove magic marker. And wouldn't you know you, the stuff disappeared like magic.

Now if I could use the combo of the toothpaste and brillo pad on my teeth, I'd have a perfectly white smile. Another bonus...the easel smells minty fresh!
David told me last night that the one piece of advice that I've given him which he takes to heart is "don't eat the calories if you aren't completely enjoying them." I do live by this. I like dessert...A LOT! But if I try something that just doesn't thrill me, I won't eat it. Why eat it just to eat it?

The one piece of advice that David has given me that I love is "line the oven with Reynolds wrap". Cleaning the oven has got to be the #1 most hated chore by everybody. Then, I started doing what my husband suggested. Every 6 months, I throw out the old Reynolds wrap, put down new Reynolds wrap and wipe down the rest of the oven. I only do the huge easy off self cleaning about once every 5 years.

***Do you spot the piece of baking stone in the first picture? I love Pampered Chef's baking stones. I've had 2 and after several years they both cracked in the oven. This happened the other night and we didn't even notice that a piece was missing. Now, I need to buy another stone. Those things are the best.

If the Reynolds wrap won't stick to the bottom, a little squirt of water and it's good as gold or silver rather. I cleaned my stove and toaster oven today in 13 minutes.

And I probably would've gotten it done a lot quicker if I didn't have "help".

Then he wants to eat the dirty rag. Actually, he was sucking the water out of it. Gross.

And yes, he's wearing a Halloween shirt because it fits him now and won't when it's Halloween. This is what happens when you get hand me downs from your brother who was born 6 months earlier. Well, 3 years and 6 months. In any case, different seasons.
My report on my grocery spending for February is $299. Unfortunately, we had about $450 worth of medical expenses with Ben's glasses and David, Ben and Noah all going to the Dr. and getting 2 antibiotics. So, I won't be seeing a light credit card bill this month. But, I'm just happy that I saved so much money in groceries that we won't have to dip into savings to pay for all those medical expenses.

And I got that Colgate toothpaste that I used to get rid of that magic marker for free with a coupon and sale. Gotta love it!


Anonymous said...

Gina, You are #1 , the Best at making every situation seem like fun. Imagine anyone getting both oven and toaster oven cleaned in 13 minutes. I know they are clean as well! I couldn't even change the aluminum, single handed in that amount of time , little own having a constant ever ready helper to lap up the spills of water that may have accumulated from that misting on the oven bottom.
Great news with your spending as well. I spent more than your entire grocery bill for the month at the vet the other day.Would you like to volunteer to manage my finances??? Just joking!☼

Linda said...

You're very ingenious! :)