Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Day Without Internet

I have the same routine every morning. I wake up, kiss my husband and children good morning, pour a cup of coffee and get on the computer. I think this is similar to what most people do. What did I do 15 years ago? Turn on the TV maybe or open the newspaper?

Yesterday, I was doing my routine when the internet went down. Oh no. I restarted the modem and did the few other checks to make sure all was okay. Still nothing. I called our internet provider and talked to someone for 45 minutes. My kids were hungry and it was our first day of spring break, but I NEEDED the internet. At the end of the call, I was told there was an outage. Lovely.

So, I took my kids shopping. There were bargains to be had at our two drugstores, so off we went. This trip is usually done while Emily and Ben are in school and it's just Noah and I. He's easy to keep content with some goldfish crackers or M&M's. But when his two older siblings are walking around the store, he wanted to walk around too. And before you know it, all three of my kids are walking around, touching and moving every item in the store. I lost control of my kids quickly. So I did what any mother does and bribed them to behave with jelly beans. Don't judge, it worked.

We headed home. Surely the internet would be fixed by then. Nope. I called again and heard the outgoing message that they are aware of an outage in my area. I wanted to speak to a representative to find out how long this outage was going to take. I'm told there isn't an outage. What? We troubleshoot various things for 45 minutes. She does something and finally tells me there is an outage. Duh, I'm the one who told you that 45 minutes ago. I'm frustrated.

All the while, my kids are sitting inside watching movies.

It's a gorgeous day outside and when I say gorgeous, I mean warm, sunny, slight breeze...perfect.
So, we went outside to play for the entire afternoon. I pushed Noah on the swing for as long as he wanted, which was over an hour. I helped Emily with some tricks on the trapeze bar. We laid on the warm concrete porch and watched the clouds and thought this one looked like a dinosaur spine moving over the moon.

The internet was still down and I didn't care.

After dinner, Emily wanted to go on a walk. So we went. Me, Emily and Ben on our bikes and Noah in a backpack on David while he walked Rocko and Katie. We are dogsitting for my Dad and Suzy.

When we got home, the internet was still down. I took a nice hot shower and we watched The Bachelor and before we went to bed, I checked one more time. It was working. I sent one e-mail to a friend and the internet crashed again. My fix lasted only 2 minutes.

It's obviously working today as I'm blogging. But, it was rather eye opening to go an entire day without access to a computer. We don't have fancy phones either, so there was no way to get any sort of internet connection. Could you do it for an entire day? I now know I can, but maybe I should spend a little less time in front of our computer and a little more time with my kids.


Linda said...

I actually did it recently for an entire weekend and it was refreshing. :) Especially so since I have work online all day long and so oftentimes the last thing I feel like doing when I come home is to go online. But I do like having the access. I did away with virtually everything on my, lol, fancy phone, because I hate cell phones and didn't use any of those features while I was paying big bucks for them. So... yea, I still like to have access when I want it and it was convenient for reporting on Facebook about Sarah yesterday so that I didn't have to send out a bunch of e-mails.

I liked reading about your day and especially like that picture of the dino cloud over the moon. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my Gosh! Noah's face really took a hit last week. He is still suffering the scabs of his adventure. But, it does sound like you guys did just fine minus internet for the 1st day of spring break. I guess this is the week you were supposed to come to Florida. Does Emily realize she will get another week off in the not too distant future? No signs of Ben in these pics but I saw plenty of him the past few days(LOL) I received the music on Sat.( Thank you), put it in the program on Monday and yesterday spent about 3 hours trying to record it all. The program kept freezing my computer. After a couple hours of that nonsense I thought to check how much "free" space I had on the C drive and lo and behold , not enuf space, so I then decided to move all my pics( my largest space hog) to an external server , then voila!the program was able to be recorded. So another task completed, but needless to say in the meantime I probably had well over 3 hours of just me and Ben time. Ha! Lots of fun. :)
BTW I loved the picture of the dinosaur spine on his way to heaven. Nice picture and I am sure your kids had a day to remember.☼