Friday, March 11, 2011

Before and After

Everyday before I get Emily from school, I get a few moments of silence. My boys are good in the car. I make myself a cup of tea or coffee and head off to the school 15 minutes early. We wait in a line of cars for the bell to ring. And herein lies my few moments of silence. I have a stash of magazines or a book that I keep in the car, and I get to relax.

But Stars, they aren't like us. I'm pretty sure that their days do not include stealing 15 minutes of alone time in a car before they do their part of carpool for the day. And I'm pretty sure that they don't have a 5 year old dressed as Spiderman hiding in the car.

That's what Ben does while we wait. He sits in every seat in the car. Whatever makes him happy and keeps him quiet works for me.

Then, the bell rings and I see my girl. In celebration of Read Across America and Dr. Seuss' birthday, she made a hat at school.

Which included dressing up like The Cat In The Hat.

I love that she is still so innocent and thinks it's cool to wear this get up at school. In a few years, she'll find this embarrassing.

And within minutes, my carpool kids load up and I'm driving home with the Ipod playing and 5 kids in the car all talking at once. I'm yelling at Emily to roll up the window and sighing heavily because Ben just spilled something that will need to be vacuumed when we get home, and I'm recalling how lovely the "before" moment of silence was.

Then Ben yells out "pull my finger" and burps. We all erupt with laughter and I realize the "after" moments are pretty sweet too.

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Linda said...

Yep life is full of before and after moments. :) I too love to sit in the car in silence, reading magazines or catalogs, while I wait to pick up Sarah at the High School. It's so different here in this town from where I grew up - none of us ever got picked up from our parents - we rode the bus. Here - there are no busses within the town - just to the rural kids, and it's too far to walk so everyone except those closest to the schools, gets picked up by car.

Then Sarah and her posse emerge from the school - it varies day to day, but she's always walking hand and hand with her boyfriend and we drive him home every day. Some days it's a large group of her friends in the car as well, depending on what's going on. It's rarely ever just me and her anymore - and when it is, she looks grumpy, not too happy to be with just me - her boring old Mom.

How times change.