Monday, March 21, 2011

Around Our House

I just sent the kids off to school. It's just Noah and I again. Spring Break is over. We had a nice time, but I'm glad the kids are back in school again.

Here's what has been going on at our house.

David and Ben dressed up as the dynamic duo and solved a bank robbery.

**Ben had no pants on, so the cape is strategically placed.
Literally, Ben will give out the lines and if you don't say them right or look the right direction, he asks you to do them over. He should be a movie director when he grows up.
I made a pumpkin cake for some friends. Well, I gave them a few slices and we ate the rest. I just used them as an excuse to make and eat a cake. It was yummy, even Noah thought so.

Actually, he only ate the frosting. I can now add cream cheese frosting to the list of 6 things that he will eat.
Our neighbor got a ton of oranges from her friend in Phoenix. She gave us a huge bag because she couldn't eat them all. Yum. Freshly squeezed orange juice is the best.

Emily and Ben attempted to defy gravity.

In our housing development, the home owner's association hires landscapers to maintain the common areas. They do a great job, and they better for the fees we pay. Behind our home is a giant field that was supposed to be a Junior High School. That project crashed with the housing market. We have an empty field behind us that belongs to the school district, so our landscape company won't touch it.

Two years ago, we had the major flood that was a result from that field being improperly graded. We called the school district and they took care of it right away. Of course, we were left with about half of the landscaping rock as we had before the flood but whatever.

For weeks, David has been complaining about the tumbleweeds that have built up on the other side of our wall. They were getting so high that we could see them from our side. We kept saying we would call, but never got around to.

If you have never seen a tumbleweed up close, it starts off as an ugly bush. Then it dies and dries up, and tumbles in the wind. It's a huge ball of stickers at that point. If you want to see one in action, check out my video here.

After a night of high wind gusts, we woke up to this in our backyard:

Nothing says "good monday morning" like waking up to 200 tumbleweeds in your yard, and we can still see them at the top of our fence, so more are on their way. If we can get them to clean up the mess in our backyard, we are still left with the stickers and seeds from the tumbleweeds. We'll be using gallons of weed killer all summer long.

I think the school district gets the worst neighbor award. And that says a lot since they beat out the ones with the dog that barks all night and the other one whose pot smoke fills our evening air once in a while.


Linda said...

I'm sorry but I couldn't help but laughing at the photos of the tumbleweeds. Oh my goodness... I've never seen a sight like that, though we really don't have tumbleweeds here in Illinois that I know of. :)

I enjoyed reading your update and seeing all of the great photos.

pam said...

Holy cow, Beans! That's a lot of tumbleweeds! Wow. It's all I can say . . .

Anonymous said...

OMG! I made a comment yesterday on facebook but when I checked later on I noticed it was not there. I guess I forgot to save it. Anyway I can't believe the mess in your back yard. How will you ever get those all out of there. Will the SB come and do the removal? The kids especially Noah cannot be near all that mess. I would be thoroughly ticked off as I am sure you were as well. Since the land belongs to the SB I guess they will be responsible in maintaining that area but whether they will clean your property is another thing. I know you won't let them get off the hook easily though. Good luck ! The ☼ may not shine in your back yard until that happens though.

Sarah said...

i cannot believe those tumbleweeds! did you ever hear the {probably urban legend) story about people who were selling tumbleweed on ebay, back when ebay was just getting started? They were going for hundreds of dollars a piece! you should look into that.