Thursday, February 24, 2011

Turning The Light On

Ben had his eye appointment in Phoenix today. Thank God, the news is primarily good.

He does have a lazy eye. Because of this, his left eye does all the work and the "light" has been turned off in his right eye for awhile, maybe since birth. Basically, the brain knew the left eye was good, so that's what he sees out of. Where we can see from the 8:00 position to the 4:00 position with both eyes, Ben can only see from 8:00 to 2:00. Close your right eye and that gives you an idea how he sees.

The good news is that his vision is perfect out of his left eye. So he hasn't been seeing poorly for years. He sees well, just on a smaller scale than the rest of us.

When covering his left eye, he was able to identify one symbol correctly on a magnified eye chart. So, he can see out of his bad eye just not well.

We caught this at a great age. His eye is still growing and the problems can be fixed for the most part. He got a prescription for glasses which we will get filled at Costco this weekend. It may be tough to get Ben to wear glasses in the beginning as he won't really notice a huge difference in his vision until his lazy eye gets corrected.

To fix the lazy eye, he will need to patch his good eye so his bad eye has to work harder. Usually this is done for a few hours a day after school. We don't have instructions to patch the eye yet. The Doctor wants to see him again in one month with his glasses and we'll go from there.

His bad eye is perfectly healthy which is great news and the problems can be fixed. He will probably always need glasses, but at least his vision will improve greatly over the next several years. And he'll get the light turned back on in his right eye.

We weren't sure what exactly we were dealing with, if he could have possibly been blind in the bad eye or if it was beyond repair. So, we are thrilled with the news.
Thank you for all of your support, prayers and love.
We appreciate all of it.


Anonymous said...

Amen! Prayers answered. Hey the glasses will add to the super hero effect. ☼
P.S.Everyone will rest easier tonight...

pam said...

What a relief! Thanks for the call today. I agree with Gwynne - we will all rest easier, for sure! Love you, friend! Big hugs!

Linda said...

Very good news! :)

As I already mentioned, my sister Angie has had a lazy eye since birth and went through several surgeries for it before age 3 - she also had to wear a patch up until that age. She is 40 this year, but still has the lazy eye, but it's never affected her quality of life. :)

Also, both my Mom and Sarah's Dad are legally blind in one eye. Again, it's never affected their quality of life, except that Sarah's Dad couldn't get a truck driving position that he wanted with Schwans because of that.

Glad you've learned what's going on now and that you're getting it taken care of.

We're still going through some doctor visits as well as the doctor was checking for Hodgkin's Lymphoma due to the enlarged lymph nodes in Sarah's neck which have been there for a year... thankfully the series of chest x-rays came back negative, but we're off to Otolaryngology - a Gland specialist in a couple of weeks and they will decide if a biopsy is necessary or what they're going to do. I didn't want to share that on my blog, cause' Sarah reads the blog. ;)

It's always so scary when our kids are going through things.