Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Power Phrase

Sometimes I feel like I neglect my blog. Lack of material? Lack of time? I'm not sure. But it is what it is. I've been reading a lot about people coming up with power words for themselves for the year. Words that define who they are and who they want to be. Like passion or present or power. It can be any word that is a reminder to yourself to just be the best you that you can be.

I don't have a power word. I have a power phrase. It is what it is. It reminds me to accept things (and people) as they are. To take things as they come. To not be such a worry wart. To let things go when I need to.

With that being said, I haven't blogged in a week. Oh well.

When you weigh 22 pounds, you can use a balloon as a backrest. Just an FYI.

We went to a Super Bowl party last weekend. Noah found out that he likes licorice. His power word for the year should be discover. Isn't that what being one is all about?

He also learned about girls. Savannah is trying to show him this toy.

And he's playing hard to get. He's a heart breaker already.

My girls power word should be delight. She has fun no matter what she is doing. I love that about her.

Last week, we put the kids down for bed a little early. We are watching Dexter and wanted to get two episodes in before we went to sleep. 45 minutes later, Ben came in our room crying. He had a bad dream about the witch from an episode of Hello Kitty. He has no problem with The Joker or Green Goblin, but the witch from Hello Kitty's Snow White episode gave him a nightmare. Go figure.

We put Ben in bed with us and told him he had to close his eyes and go to sleep. If he saw Dexter hack someone into pieces, that would really give him nightmares. No sooner did Emily come walking in our door. She must have heard Ben come out of his room. She wanted to sleep with us too. Our bed is getting crowded and we still have more Dexter to watch. So, I thought they could sleep together in Ben's room. Win/win, right?

Wrong...at 9:45 I went in the kitchen and I heard them talking. I told them to be quiet and go to bed, which is what I did. David got up at almost 1:00 to go to the restroom and they were still in Ben's room talking. He yelled at them to go to sleep, which we think they did. We could not believe they sat in bed talking for almost 5 hours. Emily was the ring leader, but that's my girl. Squeezing the joy out of every opportunity.

And Ben, well I have no recent pictures of Ben. His power word would be imagine. He's really into being naked right now. Hence, no photos. He thinks if he is naked he is invisible. I've never met a child that has so much creativity. Let's just hope he keeps his pants on for his 5th birthday party this weekend.

If not, it is what it is.


Linda said...

Love it!

(and I was wondering where you were) ;)

Bz said...

Good Luck accepting life as it is.. I believe that everything happens for a reason, so I second to your power phrase :) I really enjoy your pictures :)