Thursday, February 17, 2011

I See Nothing

Today I took Ben to the Doctor for his well visit. Ben is a happy healthy kid, so I figured the hardest part of the appointment would be controlling Noah.

I was wrong.

Height and weight was easy enough. Ben is 42 1/2 inches (50%) and 38 pounds (25%). Then came the eye exam. The nurse used the shapes instead of letters as I wasn't sure if he'd know every single letter.

Nurse: Ben, cover your right eye and read the chart.
Ben: Train, cup...etc, etc
He got them all right 20/25 vision in his left eye.

Nurse: Ben, cover your left eye and read the chart again.
Ben: Ugh, but that's my GOOD eye.
Me(in my head): Good eye? When did he get a good eye? If he has a good eye, then he has a bad eye?
Me: Ben read the chart.
Ben: I see nothing.

I see nothing.
What does that mean?
Like blind nothing?
He literally could not make out any shape on the eye chart with his right eye.

We knew that at some point one if not all of our children would need glasses. I used to move my seat in spanish class in Jr. High because I couldn't see the board. I didn't get glasses (contacts) until I was 18. David had glasses in early high school. We've both since had lasik surgery. But we knew genetics wouldn't play in our kids favor as far as eye sight went.

Last year at his well visit, there was a slight concern that his right eye could be a lazy eye, but he tested 20/40 in the right (bad) eye, so they weren't concerned at the time.

Now, he tested 20/25 in the left eye, nothing in the right and 20/25 using both eyes. As for a lazy eye, they didn't see any sign of that this time around. He was also tracking with his bad eye when his good eye was covered. So, I knew he saw something.

The rest of the well visit went fine. Hearing perfect. No other concerns.

When we got home, I did my own Q&A with Ben. I covered the good eye and asked him what he saw. I was trying to figure out what "nothing" meant to a 5 year old. He got upset and told me that the bad eye doesn't see good like his left eye. I kept at him. At first he said he sees black. I told him he had to open his eye and try again. He said he saw white. Oh brother, this wasn't going anywhere.

Then, I showed him Spiderman 1 where Peter Parker gets bitten by a radioactive spider and he's turning into spiderman. There's a scene where he puts on his glasses and realizes his vision is now perfect. He takes off the glasses and they show the screen go blurry. I let him watch it with both eyes and I asked him if that's how he saw out of his bad eye. And he said yes, yes, yes.

But, I was still worried.

My friend suggested I put a patch over the eye and let him walk around. So, I did just that. He didn't want to. But I covered the eye with gauze and tape and told him to go to the bathroom. He jumped off my bed and ran in the bathroom, open the closed door and lifted the toilet seat. I was happy that he wasn't running into walls. At that point I was thrilled that he wasn't seeing black.

Now comes the Dr. appointment. We have 1 pediatric eye doctor up here who comes from Phoenix once a month for appointments. It's the only pediatric eye doctor in our town and the only one that our insurance covers. They can't get him in until July. Um, no way! But, they can get us in his office in Phoenix next Thursday. So, I grabbed that appointment and David will take him.

We'll all rest a little easier once we know exactly what we are dealing with and what he sees. But in the meantime, he sees 20/25 with both eyes, and he doesn't think anything is wrong. So, we aren't talking about it anymore in front of him. He gets upset and I don't want to make a bigger deal out of it then it is. I told him he'll be like Clark Kent and have x-ray vision when he gets glasses. And of course, he thinks that's the best thing ever.


Linda said...

Wow, that's scary! I sure hope everything is okay! ♥

In our family, my youngest sister Angela had three eye surgeries by the time she was 3 years old. It was to correct a lazy eye, and none of the surgeries really worked. She and everyone else in my family wore glasses from the time they were little. I was the only one with perfect vision all of my life, until I turned 40 and then with all of the computer usage, I needed reading glasses and it's gotten progressively worse to the point that I can barely see at times (blurred/double vision), but you know me and doctors. I don't go.

So.... instead Jim listens to me gripe about using reading glasses and still not being able to see.

Hope everything goes well with the future appointments.
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Gina, Thanks for the further updates. I know this information threw us all for a loop, but with your further updates it makes us feel a little more confident that the situation may not be as scary as we first felt when hearing the news. After all it is great that there are some super heros he will now be able to align his thinking with. But, trust you to find that info in a speedy manner so that our little man doesn't have to dwell very long on the feeling of "oh no, something is wrong with my "super senses"". We are all praying( yes ever his grampie) that everything will turn out fine. It is great that you managed to get such an early appointment. Keep up the good work and keep his spirits positive. ( you are the best)