Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Ben is five today. Five. I swear we were doing this just yesterday.

He asked me to make him pasta tonight and meatballs with no sauce. When I make meatballs, he will eat about 6 of them before dinner. Since we already had cupcakes on Saturday, he chose to have Lofthouse sugar cookies today. They are supposed to be for after dinner, but he's already had 2 for breakfast. It's his birthday. He can have what he wants. He had salami and salt & vinegar Lays for lunch. His favorite. And he also requested that I bake pumpkin cookies to bring to preschool tomorrow. The celebration just keeps going.

This morning, we sat on the sofa and I showed him pictures from the day he was born. He liked that.

He has been spending the day watching a Toy Story movie marathon. I think Spiderman is next.

Ben is a sweet boy.
He is kind, gentle and unique.
He's special and he knows it.

We lucked out getting him.


Linda said...

☄ Hooray for Five! Happy Birthday, Ben! ☄

Hope it's a super fun day ☆

Bz said...

Happy Birth to you, Happy Birthday to YOU! I love the pictures :) wonderful family :) Congratulations