Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Around Our House

I seem to have 10 different posts going in my head and don't have time to write them. So, I'm doing an abbreviated version of what's going on around our house.
Arizona is known for spectacular sunsets. I took some photos of the kids during a great sunset over 2 years ago. They look so tiny. Check them out here.

But I said it then and I'll say it again, or rather I'll quote Forest Gump again.
"Then in the desert, when the sun comes up, I couldn't tell where heaven stopped and the earth began. It was so beautiful".

We've been having some heaven/earth combo sunsets lately. I can see the walls of the house start to light up and I know the sun is putting on a grand finale show before he turns in for the night. If possible, I grab my camera and head to the backyard. It's not a perfect shot since it includes our brick wall and neighboring homes, but a sunset like this is stunning no matter the foreground. I took this one two weeks ago.

And last week, I took these bright orange ones.

Aunt Pam.
When Aunt Pam came up for Ben's birthday, she brought gifts for Valentine's for the kids. She spoils them rotten.

She played games over and over with Emily and indulged Ben in his superhero fantasies. No wonder they love her.

Emily is very conservative when it comes to school. For crazy hair day last year, she let me do pig tails. Exciting. So, I was shocked when she asked for a heart in her hair for Valentines day. Luckily, I found something quick to do on the web. Next year, I'll leave more time for something more elaborate. But this simple heart looked cute.

Ben has a crush on a little girl named Grace in his preschool. He still says he will marry me, but when he talks about Grace, he smiles and gets all shy. It's adorable. Grace gave him a valentine that was a sticker. He wore it for the rest of the day.

When I told him it said, "You're cool". He jumped around saying, "she thinks I'm cool". Kind of like Rudolph when Clarice said he was cute.
Emily insisted that we all make Valentine's for each other and she would hand them out. Noah has no clue what he's looking at, but he looks cute.

Emily made this pretty Valentine for her Dad.

I did not go in the blue human hamster ball because it does this to your hair.

Emily and I were talking the other morning while I was fixing her hair. Emily is still a very innocent 6 year old. She has never seen Hannah Montana. She let's me pick out her clothes every day. I exposed her to Taylor Swift because I liked some of her songs. And she doesn't chase boys on the playground.

I asked her if she knew who Justin Bieber was.
She said, "Yes, some girls have him on their backpacks and stuff."
I asked if she liked him.
And she told me, "Nope, I don't like Justin Beaver."

Justin Beaver.
She's awesome.


Sarah said...

beautiful sunset photos! And I love that cute heart in Emily's hair. keep her young as long as you can! they grow up way too fast.

Linda said...

This was so fun to read. :) First, I loved the sunset photos of course. I have to say though that Ben didn't look any larger from the old photo to the new one, lol.

I loved reading all about your happenings. Honestly, I'm always amazed when I hear about Moms who get to still do their daughter's hair at age 6 because Sarah was so stubborn about that and hasn't let me dress her or do her hair since she was around 3 and I chose my battle wisely. ;)

Justin BEAVER... LOL. Sarah and her friends just went to see the Bieber movie yesterday and it's funny because I looked up the review before hand and it had like one star, but when they got home, I asked them how it was and all three of them were like "AWESOME!!! BEST MOVIE EVER" Guess the reviewers should have been 14-15 year old girls because all of her friends and her love him. I don't mind. I had my Shawn Cassidy back in the day who reminds me a lot of Mr. BEAVER. Lol.

Love, Linda

brownymama said...

Hey. I've kind of fallen off the blogging wagon for a little while... Glad to see everyone is doing well. You scared me a bit with the "I see nothing" post! Glad you enjoyed the snow and that Emily is innocent. We don't want them idolizing Justin Beaver and Taylor Swift! We want them to idolize us! Give me a call when you get the chance. I have a question and you have experience to answer! (:

Holly and Bo said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one walking around with posts in my head. Ha! I guess that's a mind of a blogger. Awesome pictures of the sunsets. It's my favorite time of the day. And Ben's crush is just too cute!