Friday, February 25, 2011


Ben had outgrown his 12" Spiderman bike and practically gave himself black eyes with his kneecaps whenever he rode it. He had been eyeballing the Buzz Lightyear bike at Costco for months. I figured we would buy him a new bike in the Spring.

My Dad and stepmom Suzy came up today for a surprise visit and they brought Ben's birthday gift. The Buzz Lightyear bike from Costco. He was totally surprised.

And very happy.

My Dad took him out for a test drive. Ben is not a dare devil, so a bigger bike will take a few blocks to get the hang of it.

Then Suzy decided to take Noah and join them.

And that means I'm my own home. I don't think I've ever been alone in my home. Is that weird? Maybe. But, I always have a kid with me. It's my life.

And speaking of which, I only have 13 more minutes until I need to get Emily from school so I'm going to go enjoy the 13 minutes of silence. Oh my gosh, and my Dad and Suzy will watch Ben and Noah while I get Emily, so I'll have an addition 8 minutes of silence in the car. Hot dog! 21 minutes all to myself today.

And that's as exciting as my life gets, but I wouldn't change it for anything.


Holly and Bo said...

This happened to me for 5 minutes a couple weeks ago. There were so many things I could have done in that 5 minutes and then it was gone. HA! Wouldn't give it up though. I would bet after an hour I would want everyone back...ok maybe not...maybe a couple hours. :)

Jenn Ortiz said...

very nice Blog Gina! Sounds like life has been treating you well, nice to see!