Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1 1/2

Noah officially turned 18 months on the 8th. I'm obviously past the point of counting his age in months as I totally forgot.

I've been taking photos of Noah with Emily's dolls at all the milestone ages.

Here's a close up at 3 weeks. He was about 4 pounds and 17 inches long here.

The problem with this type of photo is that the doll on the right is missing now after 18 months. That's okay though as the doll on the left was always closer to his actual size. We still have that doll. It's bright orange and applies way too much self tanning cream, so she's a little hard to lose. In the photo below, she's wearing the outfit Noah wore home from the hospital and the same pants that Noah was wearing in the 3 week photo. Here's our man at 18 months.

Today at his well visit he was 23 pounds (10%) and 32 inches (50%). And he also has a double ear infection. Ugh. We've battled those five times last winter, but haven't had one in the past 9 months. Another antibiotic and he'll be good as new.

Taking the milestone photo with the doll was a lot harder this time. He would not quit moving and I had to stand on the sofa to fit his length in the picture.

And if I thought taking this photo was hard at 18 months, wait until he turns 16 years old!

And now that he's all grown up, I've decided to put him to work.

He's not very thorough, but he's free and doesn't complain.
I'll send him to your house when he's done.


Anonymous said...

I Love the whole picture. Great Job Mama! Hope I'm around to see the 16 year picture as well. LOL!

Linda said...

Adorable!! And hey, his percentiles are more than what Sarah's ever were at that age and she wasn't even a preemie, so I'll say he's growing wonderfully. :)

Seems like he's going to be tall. That's something not known about in our family, lol.

Love the shot of him working... good luck with that in the teen years. :P

Love, Linda

Bz said...

aww! that is so absolutely cute! I can't bear that :) sweeeeet! You have a hard-working gentleman growing up there!

Linda said...

I had to go back and compare in Sarah's baby book where I wrote everything down, lol.

At 20 months she was: 24 lbs and 32" long. :)