Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Night Away

One of the hardest things about leaving Phoenix was leaving all of our friends. Sure we talk, e-mail and stay up to date with Facebook, but I miss hanging out at the pool or going to a movie. Well, I still get to do those things, but now I'm blowing up floaties at the pool and doing popcorn and Icee runs at the movies. But, luckily my dear friends, Amy and Colby, host a yearly adults only party and get everyone together. I look forward to it every year.

My Dad and Suzy came up for the night to watch the kids and we were out of here. Before we left, I had to love on each of my babies. I'm trying to get more pictures of myself with the kids, so Suzy took some photos.
Me and Ben.

Me and Noah.

Me and Emily.

We were greeted into Phoenix by a spectacular sunset and some hot air balloons. Not a bad photo for doing 65 on the highway.

In the car I realized I didn't like the photo from home of David and I, so we took another one when we got there. I had three chins in the other photo, so I realized I need to stand in front to avoid extra chins. Much better.

We had some wine and great appetizers. Next it was time for dinner. They always fondue. It's so much fun. Here's my best friend, Pam, ready to fondue her shrimp.

David putting something in the fondue pot...beef, shrimp and mushrooms. Yum!

And the desserts...I made pumpkin roll and Pam made "drops of heaven". Chocolate brownies with cream cheese filling and a raspberry. We call them drops of heaven because that's what they taste like.

Amy, the hostess, is on the left. These girls are the greatest. When I had Noah, they were at the hospital every day checking on me and calling to see how we were doing. They put their lives on hold for 18 days, to take care of me and little 3 pound Noah. I love them.

It was such a great night with our friends and a great night alone with each other. We really should do nights like that more often.


Linda said...

This post just made me smile the whole way through. Great photos, wonderful family and friends. You are blessed. And, every time I see or hear about your friend Pam, it makes me really happy because she reminds of my sister Barb's great friend, also Pam, who has been there for my sister through everything and she's at all of the family events there and she is indeed, just like family. :)

pam said...

Awe, thanks beans! You're too sweet! You know you're my sister from another mister (and mother), but you get what I mean. We miss seeing you more often, but are so happy when we do have these times together. Looking forward to our next visit in a few weeks! Love ya, friend!

Sarah said...

so fun to get away and be with friends. i love seeing you and pam together - it's like old times for me.

Anonymous said...

We should try and plan an adult only dinner every 3-4 months instead of once a year. It is never enough time to catch up and hear how you are doing. I am glad you were able to make it this year and enjoy yourself for once. You work so hard (and so does David) so I am glad you were able to enjoy each other and us. Love you! Aim