Monday, January 31, 2011

Just To Save The Stats

January has been unseasonably warm and dry. Not one drop of precipitation. But I think January knew people were talking smack about him and he didn't want to go down in the record books looking like a slacker.

So on the 31st of January, we are getting a sprinkling of snow.
And in this desert, we'll take it.

And we'll even eat it for breakfast.

Here's hoping your Monday started off just as beautiful as my girl in the snow.


Linda said...

Love the vibrancy of these photos. So cute.

Supposedly thick ice and up to 2 feet of snow are on the way for us. I'll take the snow, but not the ice since that's when power goes out. I don't plan to go anywhere for the next two days, and considering I have a nasty sinus cold, that suits me just fine.

Have a wonderful week. :)

Anonymous said...

I loved the sweet pictures of Emily and also of the boys in the last post. It is so nice to see them playing together. I hope they grow up to be great friends and that Ben will guide Noah along the path to super "herodom".. is there such a word?
Hard to imagine there had not been another snowfall since I was there to experience it. But I guess the weather patterns have all gone amuck this year. Yeterday we were in the 80's and I suppose by tomorrow we will have rain and sleet... Who knows from one day to the next~!.
Hoping the week goes well for all. ☼