Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Miss My Husband.

Every few months, David has to do an overnight in Phoenix for work training. The last time he went, I met a solifugide. It was not fun. Luckily, this time was less eventful.

He was gone last night. I missed my Wednesday night housewife. For the most part, everything ran smoothly, but we all missed David. Emily would just break out in tears with how much she missed her Dad. Seriously? It's one night! But the truth is we all miss him. Even Noah came running in the door from gymnastics yelling "Da! Da! Da!". Normally David is in the kitchen fixing dinner. Noah ran around the island looking for him. He went in the family room and down the hallway. He knew his Daddy was supposed to be home waiting for him.

I'm amazed at what creatures of habit my kids are. They find such comfort with us and our home. That's a good feeling. To know that we've made a happy home for them. One that they want to come back to after a day out.

Noah got me up early this morning, 6:45. Ugh. Normally, David takes care of him and I sleep until 7:30. I love to sleep. I missed my husband even more when I woke up to a crying baby...and no coffee. Ugh. And to make it worse, Noah watches Barney first thing in the morning. No coffee and that purple dinosaur is not a good combination for me. The sun was starting to rise, so I went outside to take a picture. I see a handful of sunrises a year.

And I missed this mornings too because I was too early and then when I went back out, it was already too late.

But what I did find was the moon. That's more my style, but at 7:00 it just seemed wrong.

And the picture is blurry because I had the wrong setting on my camera.
All hell breaks lose without my husband home.
I think these trainings are great for our marriage. It reminds me of just how much my husband does for us, how much we love him and how much we miss him when he is not around.
Thank God he's coming home tonight!


Linda said...

Aww, so sweet! :)

What's that big thing in the first picture of the sunrise? Oh..... it's a hill, right, or a mountain (to us here in flatland). LOL

Glad David will be home and hope you have a great remainder of the week.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Why OH Why did I have to go and find what you meant by what you 'met' last time....ewwwwwwww.


Glad he is home and that you didn't need any big books to squash disgusting bugs.

I may not sleep tonight... blech

brownymama said...

Such a sweet post. And you do have a good husband. Welcome home David and I hope your coffee is nice and hot!

I'll be at Zumba at 8:45 tomorrow. Just waiting for you to show up. (: Actually I haven't been in over a week because it's so dang crowded! Maybe some of the crowds will have died down by now.

Bz said...

it happens sometimes that we take things (or ppl) for granted, great to have a soft reminder like this :) have a nice weekend! I love your family pictures - you all look so positive :D