Thursday, January 20, 2011


I've been using coupons for four months. Occasionally if you match a coupon with a sale item, you will get it for free. If it's free, I'll get it even if it is a product I don't use. If it sits in my pantry for more than a month, I will give it to someone who will use it or David takes it to work and puts it in his break room. It's gone in minutes. I'll give bags to the food bank. And I also have a bag of potato pouches and hot cocoa for my Mom when I see her next. If it's free, why not.

Obviously the manufacturer is hoping you will love the product and buy it at regular price. And there are two items that I'm absolutely hooked on. I will buy them again and again and again. I normally wouldn't have bought either one of these items but because they were free, I gave them a shot and I'm pleasantly surprised.

I'm not a big air freshener person. All those plug in things or ones that have motion sensors and shoot out spray when you come in the room, it's a bit much. But a simple smelling cone is worth a shot. I got several of these free before the holidays on Facebook. Renuzit air freshener cones. So simple and they only cost $1 not on sale. These little things make me so happy. I actually enjoy walking into my bathroom now. It smells so pretty and fresh. I'm not kidding. We have three bathrooms, and all of them have a cone to make them smell nice. Each cone lasts about a month. And there are still coupons out for them in the Sunday paper. Not free, but usually half price. So 49 cents for a month of sweet smelling bathrooms. Try it, you won't be sorry.

This next little gem is from Challenge Butter. Tuscany Style Spreadable Butter. Oh my! This stuff just makes me happy. Again, it was a facebook deal. You can get it too. Just "like" them and you can print a coupon for $2 off. This was on sale at my store for $1.67. They will usually adjust the coupon down to that price or occasionally you'll get a cool cashier who just scans it in for $2, giving you extra savings towards other purchases. You can also print 2 coupons which is what I did. You can freeze butter if you won't use it quickly. But trust me, this stuff is so good you will use it quickly. I want bread with this butter every night for dinner. It is heaven on Earth.

Now on to my kids. They are my favorites too.
Her freckles on her nose are about the cutest thing I've ever seen. Love her.

And our little man is totally into copying whatever we are doing. Including surfing the web.

He was even scrolling with his finger. Impressive.

People have always said that Noah looks like Ben. I never really saw it. I always thought he looked more like Emily. But I will have to say, these two boys definitely look like brothers. Ben's eyes are a little more puppy doggish, but the nose, lips and facial expression are spot on.

Hope you enjoyed my favorites. If you are my friend on facebook and see that I "like" a company, chances are they have a great coupon on their home page. Like them too and see what goodies you can get for free.

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Linda said...

Thanks for the tips! Though I've yet to be successful with coupons, lol.

Cute pictures of the little ones and I love freckles too - Sarah has always had a face full of them, and then she grew into her teen years and hated them and tries to cover them up with makeup. :P

Happy Weekend to you! :)