Monday, January 24, 2011


Baseball is a difficult sport to play here. The season starts up in February. It's cold, very cold, at evening practices, twice a week. There are Saturday morning games also. And this is only for t-ball. The schedule gets worse as the kids get older. The season runs through May. In addition to the cold you get the Spring wind. Baseball is only for die hards up here.

We are not die hards. Ben and Emily have never expressed an interested in playing t-ball. They are enjoying karate and gymnastics right now, both indoor sports. So, we'll ride that wave for as long as they want. Then, we'll be on to something else. Maybe bowling? HA!

My Dad and stepmom Suzy came up for the night on Saturday. David and I had an adult only party to go to in Phoenix (more on that in another post). They were our babysitters for the night. But, my Dad and Emily played some baseball before we left. And my girl is actually pretty good. She was hitting the ball without any problems. I was impressed. But when I looked at the pictures I took, I don't know how she hit anything. Her tongue is sticking out the entire time and she has her eyes closed! Now I'm even more impressed that she hit the ball!

She sent this one flying.

She'd make a great softball player.
If only there were an indoor softball league.


Linda said...

Wow, it's amazing for me to even think about baseball, let alone being outdoors with no coats and bare arms, lol. None of that here until May.

Baseball starts up here early too, but that's March/April while there's oftentimes still snow on the ground, lol, and temps in the 30s through April, though we'll be blessed with an occasional warm day sprinkled in between.

Not for a while though... It's the dead of winter here.

Great action photos! :)

pam said...

Why is baseball so early? Why don't they wait until end of April through end of May? Shoot, I think AGS went from April 'till the end of June, including tournament. That's in Phoenix, my friend. Many a warm night playing softball at DF. That's too bad. I think Emily would have fun.

Anonymous said...

These pics are adorable. I was standing right behind her and never had a clue what intensity was going on in that little face. She only missed 2 out of 11 hits! Pretty darn good.I agree with Pam...why so early as Em would love it. Suzy