Tuesday, December 29, 2009

On The Seventh Day Of Winter Break...

...My Mommy gave to me...a trip to our library.

Yesterday we were driving by the library. It's about 1/4 mile off the main road and Emily asked if we could go. I told her it was closed. A small white lie, but I figured it was easier since we had other errands to do. She quickly said, "It's busy Mom, look at all the cars." She's too smart for her own good. I told her we'd go today since we had nothing else to do.

We don't have all of the amenities of a big city here in Prescott Valley. But we do have a great library that was just built. The old library was crammed into a small area of the civic center. You could pay your water bill, sign your kid up for ballet and check out books all at one spot. The new library was just finished a few months ago and it is awesome. The kids get just as excited about going to the library as they do going to Peter Piper Pizza. And since I don't have to feed dollar bills into a machine that spits out tokens, I'm just as excited about going.

I love that the bookshelves are their size.

Emily was thrilled to find a Backyardigans book.
She dressed herself today and who am I to tell her that stripes and leopard print don't match?

I had to limit Ben to three Batman books. He wanted all of them.
He's worn this shirt since Christmas morning. I had to peel it off of him to wash it a few days ago and he cried the whole time.

Time for a little puppet show, but Ben was more interested in his superhero books.

We always leave some time to play on the computers. Ben was still torn between the computer and his books.

It was a fun hour and I didn't spend a penny. I love that!


Linda said...

Oh great times at the library!! I have so many wonderful memories of our days spent there. We need to head back to ours soon, as it's been a while, but we still love to go, and it's free for us as well. It wasn't always the case - when we were growing up in Orland Park, we lived in unincoporated Orland, which meant NO free library privileges and our parents didn't pay the extra membership required for us to check out books there (we always had our own share of books at home). But I'm so glad to live where we've enjoyed a free library since Sarah was a baby. :)

Anonymous said...

Mom and I took the kids to the library today too! So much fun! and free!