Tuesday, December 22, 2009

On The Second Day Of Winter Break...

...My mommy gave to herself...a shopping spree at Old Navy.

By shopping spree, I mean I spent $55, but it rhymed so I just went with it.

We had some errands to do in town and so did our friends (the same ones we went to the zoo with yesterday), so we decided to meet first at the Prescott Resort. It sits high up on a hill and is one of the nicest places to stay in Prescott. They also have a casino in there. I should go gamble sometime. But that's not what this post is about...

Every year at Christmas, they have a gingerbread house contest. This was the first year we went and it is so cute. If I could have 10% of this creativity, I would be happy.

This train is set into the display of all of the entries. Isn't Josh sweet? He's helping Ben to see the train.

The kids liked this one of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf. Forget blowing the house down, I was ready to eat the mint roof right off!

This one is too cute. It's of our Courthouse Square and Thumb Butte Mountain.

My best attempt to get the kids to look at me and smile.

Emily and her best friend liked this house made out of peeps the best.

As we were leaving the resort it started to snow. We are supposed to get a storm overnight with a few inches of snow. I hope so. We all love when it snows.

I told Ben to put on a coat. I think he finally gets the idea that I may be right.

As I post this, the snow is coming down nicely. The fireplace is going. The kids (including Noah) are watching a cartoon. And Ma's in her kerchief, ah, just kidding, I'm drinking some coffee. What is a kerchief anyway? David will be home in an hour and starts his 6 day vacation. And Christmas is right around the corner.

Life is good.
And Ben just ran in the room and mooned me.
How do boys know how to do this stuff?


Anonymous said...

We had a great time looking at the gingerbread houses with you guys! This is a new tradition - we have to do this every year! So much fun.


Linda said...

Lots of fun! Loved the photos ~ those are some great Gingerbread Houses.

And.... once again, you there in Arizona will have more snow than us, considering we have none and the weather forecast, which originally showed a good snowstorm coming our way, has changed to an ALL RAIN - even Thunderstorm event for Christmas Eve. Which means... our lights will short out again on Christmas Eve and I won't be happy about that. But Christmas Day is supposed to chill off and they're saying we MIGHT have some snow that day, but not expected to stick, since the temps will be too high for that by Christmas Eve. I don't get it - this is Illinois. Aren't we supposed to have SNOW??

Oh well, we're having fun regardless of that...