Saturday, December 26, 2009

On The Fifth Day Of Winter Break...

Santa gave to us...a ton of little dolls.

They got:
a batman doll
a princess doll
a doll that spits up (oh no, that's Noah)
a blue beetle doll
a ballerina doll
a doll that pees (oh no, that's Noah)
a batman doll in a black outfit
a doll that sucks a pacifier
a doll that poops (oh no, that's Noah)
a gymnast Barbie
a spiderman doll
a doctor Barbie
two baby Barbies
a baby that cries (oh no, that's Noah)
a Buzz Lightyear
a Barbie who is a dolphin trainer at Sea World
a baby that wakes up every 4 hours to eat (oh no, that's Noah)
a Transformer that turns into a plane
another that turns into a truck,
another that turns into a dump truck,
another that turns into a car,
another that turns into a jet,
another that turns into a monster truck
a Barbie in a bikini (to go with the Barbie pool)
a doll that pees on you (oh wait, that's Noah)

You could see that it was the year of the dolls/figurines at our house.

Here they are frantically ripping into a gift for both of them.

Here's Noah with a stack of gifts almost as tall as he is.

Ben is now obsessed with Batman and hasn't taken off this shirt since he opened it. He thinks the rug is Gotham City and he flies around it.

Emily was so happy with herself. She went shopping at the santa's workshop at school and bought all of us gifts, including herself. She even wrapped the presents herself with 60 feet of tape per present.

The house went from this:

to this in about 45 minutes.

Now I need to find places for everything and get the decorations put away in the next week.

It was a wonderful Christmas and I'm always a little sad to pack everything up.
But there's always next year...


Linda said...

Fun stuff! Loved the list of dolls, lol. :)

Sarah used to always go shopping for us at the Crisis Nursery, Holiday Shoppe - a place just for kids up to age 12, where adult helpers escorted them through the shop and helped wrap the gifts. That's what Emily's gift shopping reminded me of - so sweet. :)

Here we no longer have all of the toys, other than the Wii games, so there's not nearly as much to clean up. I have everything put away today and now we just enjoy the decorations and everything until I take it all down right before we return to work - so that will be next weekend of packing up decorations.

Enjoy the rest of Christmas break :)

Anonymous said...

Great pics. The only thing missing was the "big blob" in the corner.. Looks like you all had a wonderful time and the addition of the little Noah doll makes it so much exciting, I'm sure. Glad you had a wonderful day. ☼

Anonymous said...

Seeing David on the floor reminded me of days gone by when he and my kids rigged the Xmas presents so all theirs were first in line and of course half of them had already been examined enough to know what each contained...I miss those days and one day you will miss these days too, so cherish them as long as you have them and hope they never stop...By the way Noah looks absolutely adorable and is growing like crazy..I wonder if Ben will really always be a super hero...H-m-m-m-Love to all and thanks for the great pictures of you all...Auntie Barb