Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On The Eighth Day Of Winter Break...

First I must say that Eighth is the weirdest word ever. I had to google "on the eight day of Christmas" to figure out how to spell eighth. Is that even right? It looks weird. Anyway..

...My Mommy gave to me, a camp out at Ms. Stacy's.

It was preschool day. Since Emily was off, she was coming too. She loves Ben's preschool. She enjoys all the crafts. Apparently, Kindergarten is hard core and craft time is limited.

There was a tent all set up for today's camp out theme.

They played a fun game with flashlights.

They had story time around the "campfire".

They went fishing.

They had binoculars for a nature walk that was postponed due to freezing temperatures and gail force winds. Oh all right, it was 35 and breezy, close enough.

We also made smores, but I was too busy eating mine to take a picture of it. That was my first smore. I always thought the parts were better than the whole. I have to say that I was wrong. It was delicious.

Noah apparently loves camping. He slept the entire time in his car seat.

He's been eating rice cereal for a few days, and he hasn't gone to the bathroom in a few days. He normally never has an issue with that. We decided to forgo the rice cereal and try something full of fiber...sweet potatoes.

He wasn't a fan at first, which I can understand. As Donkey on Shrek would say, "Without marshmallows, sweet potatoes are nothing!" He's a smart ass. But, Gerber does not mix in marshmallows with their baby food. He adjusted after a few bites and ate a nice size bowl. Right as I had a big spoon full in front of his mouth, he sneezed. It went all over me. He thought it was hysterical.

Sweet potatoes are at least amusing if not tasty.


Linda said...

And here Sweet Potatoes was Sarah's favorite baby food!!! She loved them. In fact, that's all I remember her eating regularly at that age. She still loves them (but WITH the marshmallows now) :-)

Happy New Year! Hope you have a great night with your family.


Anonymous said...

I was finishing your sentence as I read......."I put the big spoon up to his mouth AND HE POOPED." I was thinking the fiber instantaneously worked!